Important Tips On Lowering Your Car Rentals

Due to high cost in car rentals, sometimes it is no longer a convenient way and not worth it. The price of gasoline is one of the many reasons why car rental fees is very high. But the truth behind this rising car rental fees that we do not know about are the hidden charges that car rental companies adds. The hidden charges contributes to almost have of your car rental bill.

Sad to say, most of the companies do not tell you about it, but these hidden charges or optional. By not adding them in your car rental bill, you will be able to save a lot of money. In this article, we will show you how you can talk your way out of these charges.

When you asked to be picked up at the airport, they will charge you airport taxes and surcharges. With this extra service, you will be charged 10% on your total bill. Choosing to be picked up at the airport will increase your total bill due to the taxes and concession fees. Airport management are the once who charge concession fees everytime they bring a rental into the airport. Everytime Transportation tour Bandung companies do business at the airport, they need to pay taxes with the local government.

car rental service in bandung with fixed routes are offered by the airport and other shuttle companies. In order to remove the hidden charges on your bill, you can take advantage of this free service while having your rented car being dropped off in a location far from the airport. Not taking advantage of their extra service will help you reduce the cost of your rental car.

For the damage loss waiver, you will be charged $10-$25 per day to avoid liability for any damage to the car but it should not be because of negligence.

Credit card insurance and most car insurance cover rental cars as it is a standard coverage. Before you even rent a car, make sure that your car insurance company covers rental cars, if it is included, then you can have the loss damage waiver removed from your bill.

Gasoline charges may be a great idea knowing that you will be using a car with a full tank. No need for you to stop by the nearest gasoline station and fill up the car and return it with an empty tank.

Most people who rent cars could not even consume the entire full tank of gas, and thus you do not get a refund if you are not able to consume the entire full tank of gas but still you are being charged for it. It is was cheaper when you are the one who will gas up your tank and pay for the amount of the fuel. Learn more by visiting